Committee Mark Tobey



Committee members

Prof. Dr. Kosme de Barañano

Matthias Bärmann

Dr. Heiner Hachmeister

Bilbao / Spain

Laupheim / Germany

Muenster / Germany

Committee function


The Committee Mark Tobey (CMT) promotes the work of the artist in initiating exhibitions in art institutions and publications about life and work.

CMT supports projects by providing them with informations and provenances of works.


The committee builds up archives about life and work of the artist (catalogues, manuscripts, photos, videos, etc)


The committee works on a catalogue raisonné in progress on CD-Rom.


The committee protects the work of the artist against non-authentical material. For this the committee gives expertises for works attributed to the artist.





For details about our expertises please have a look at our expertise section.



Corresponding members


Besides the actual committee there exists a network of corresponding members which serves for supporting the promotion of the artist's work (exhibitions, publications, expansion of the archives). It is a circle of persons which is actively related to Mark Tobey and his work. Corresponding members can be appointed by each full member of the committee. This appointment can be cancelled by the majority of the CMT members.


Marco Bernasconi, lawyer. Lugano, Switzerland

Arthur Lyon Dahl, Ph.D., Director of the 'coral riffs' Department of the United Nations Environmental Program. Geneva, Switzerland

Castor Seibel, author, collector. Paris, France

Arnold Stadler, Ph.D., poet, novelist, essayist. Berlin, Germany

Wesley Wehr, painter, composer, author, paleobotanist 1930 - 2004. Seattle, USA

Géza Istvan Schlégl, Collector. Zollikofen, Switzerland


edited by CMT - Members

Matthias Bärmann (Ed.)

Mark Tobey  -  Between Worlds

Texts by Michele Reiner, Matthias Bärmann, Gottfried Boehm, Werner Schmalenbach, Arnold Stadler,

poems by Mark Tobey and others. Biography. Texts in Italian, German, English

71 illustrations, several portrait photos, totally 200 pages, format 24 x 22 cm, softcover.

Catalogue Museo d'arte Mendrisio, Switzerland and Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany 1989


out of print

Matthias Bärmann (Ed.)

Mark Tobey – Späte Werke. Bilder auf Styropor, Radierungen

Text by Matthias Bärmann. German

32 illustrations, 4 portrait photos, totally 62 pages, format 28 x 22 cm, softcover

Catalogue concentrated on the styrofoam paintings and etchings of Tobey.

Exhibition catalogue Stadtmuseum Siegburg und Hachmeister Galerie Muenster, Germany 1990


out of print

Heiner Hachmeister (Ed.)

Mark Tobey – Werke / Œuvres 1945 - 1975

Text by Castor Seibel, with 10 poems by Tobey. Biography. German and French.

57 illustrations, portrait photos, totally 111 pages, format 27 x 21,5 cm, hardcover.

Catalogue with illustrations in color of tempera paintings and prints

Exhibition catalogue Hachmeister, Muenster 1991



Kosme de Barañano, Matthias Bärmann (Eds)

Mark Tobey

Texts by Kosme de Barañano, Matthias Bärmann, Judith S.Kays, Dieter Schwarz, Wesley C.Wehr,

Arthur Hall Smith, Arnold Stadler, excerpts from texts by Mark Tobey, John Cage. Extensive biography.

Spanish and English.

149 illustrations, mostly in color, many b/w photos, totally 500 pages, softcover.

Best and most extensive catalogue about Tobey ever. Intensive texts about many aspects of life and work.

Exhibition catalogue Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain 1997


out of print

Heiner Hachmeister, Emil Mirzakhanian (Eds)

Closeness of Distance – Khmer sculptures and Mark Tobey paintings

Texts by Matthias Bärmann, Donald M.Stadtner, Erich Franz. Short biography, bibliography.

German and English.

22 illustrations in color of Tobey paintings and 20 illustrations of Khmer sculptures, totally 122 pages,

hardcover silk bounded.

Exhibition book Emil Mirzakhanian, Milan 1998 and Hachmeister, Muenster 1999



Heiner Hachmeister (Ed.)

Mark Tobey – Light Space

Texts by Wesley Wehr, Matthias Bärmann, Kosme de Barañano, Heiner Hachmeister.

Biography with extensive and actual index of exhibitions and extensive bibliography.


57 illustrations in color, totally 152 pages, format 31 x 24 cm, hardcover, half-linen.

Very well done book about Tobey and his paintings from 1944 to 1971.

Hachmeister Verlag Muenster  2004



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